Nutraceuticals ERP

The field of nutraceuticals and functional foods is relatively new and many gaps exist in the knowledge base. Government regulatory bodies also face challenges in this new category of health products, which lies between foods and drugs. The Council of Responsible Nutrition (CRN), Washington D.C., declares all dietary supplement manufacturers to comply with dietary supplement-specific good manufacturing practices (GMPs). While the FDA is also encouraging to ensure that the industry is meeting GMPs by conducting inspections and putting forth stringent manufacturing standards the entire industry must adhere to. Still, the demand for nutraceuticals has been growing worldwide due to consumer awareness of the links of diet and disease, aging population, rising health care cost and innovations in food technology and nutrition. These demands and complexities are now tempting more and more manufacturers to opt for an ERP system.

AKA can handle every aspect of your process including innovation and formulation, nutritional analysis, regulatory compliance obligations. It also assures operational consistency, in-depth visibility and efficient use of resources by bringing all the information on a single front.

Market Effectiveness: The Key Competency for Pharmaceutical Growth

Market Effectiveness The Key Competency for Pharamaceutical Growth

“Optimizing information and collaboration will be the new key to winning or losing in Pharma.”